Sea bass with wafu onion dashi and avocado mustard sauce

150 gm Avocado
10 ml Soy sauce Kikkoman
60 gm Mayonnaise (Japanese mayonnaise)
15 gm Dijon Mustard
15 gm Pommery Mustard
10 gm Lemon Juice
4gm Salt

100ml Mirin
100ml Kikkoman Soy Sauce
350ml Water
5gm Katsuoboshi (Dried shaved bonito flakes)
50gm Onion white (Roughly sliced)

200gm Sea bass fillet
50ml Oil
50 gm Camembert cheese (thin slice)

5gm Chopped spring Onion
1pc Cherry Tomato
5 stick Asparagus
1 stick Hajikame (Pickled ginger sprout) – optional

Make avocado paste very fine by using a blender. Mix the remaining ingredients and stir by spoon. Sauce is ready.
Take a pot; add mirin, Kikkoman soy, water, onion. Bring it to boil and add Katsuoboshi then simmer for 10 minutes. Strain and keep the sauce aside hot.
Take boneless sea bass fish fillet, season with salt and pepper.
Heat the nonstick pan, add oil and cook seabass with the fillet skin side first. Cook until the skin gets crunchy. Then cook the other side of seabass fillet.
Cut camembert cheese thin slice and place on top of cooked seabass and cover the pan for 30 seconds just to for the cheese to melt.
Boil Asparagus and cherry tomato in Wafu Onion dashi sauce for 30 seconds. Arrange the asparagus on the plate and add 50 ml of the wafu sauce on the plate.
Place the cooked seabass on top of asparagus and pour two tablespoons of avocado mustard sauce on the seabass. Garnish with cherry tomato, spring onion and hajikame.

Wafu dressing is a very popular vinaigrette-type salad dressing in Japan. Literally, wafu means “Japanese-style dressing. The basic wafu combination includes Japanese soy sauce, rice, vinegar, mirin and vegetable oil but over the years, has included different ingredients like grated ginger, katsoubushi, wasabi and lemon. Considered as the superstar of the sea, sea bass has a buttery fat taste and when cooked right, is something that anyone can enjoy. It’s perfectly paired with a wafu dressing, one that your family will definitely love.

Chef Rajesh Thapa was born and raised in Nepal. At a very young age, he was inspired by Kathmandu’s local chefs and vibrant food scene and decided a career in the food and culinary industry. He moved to Dubai in 2008 and mastered the preparation of multi-cuisines while working for different five-star hotels and restaurants. During this stint, he discovered his love for Japanese food and was mentored by Japanese Chef Ando Takashi eventually becoming a master in preparation of Japanese dishes. He worked for over 10 years with Jumeirah Group around the GCC and later on moved to Oman. He is currently serving as the Head Chef of Takara located at the InterContinental Muscat. Chef Rajesh wants to leave a lasting impression in the heart of people not only through his food but his passion and education of Japanese cuisine.