Scientists create origami-inspired bulletproof shield to protect police

A team of engineers from Brigham Young University successfully developed an ingenious new bulletproof shield inspired by origami but which can deflect bullets fired by revolvers and pistols. Professor Larry Howell, one of the engineers involved in the design, said they worked with a federal special agent, SWAT teams and police officers to understand what their needs were. The group discovered that current shields are too heavy, too cumbersome and not portable. Because of this, Howell and his colleagues set out to create a shield that was lightweight, portable and compact, and worked well to protect law enforcement. The new bulletproof shield developed by Howell and his colleagues can be folded compactly when not in use. It is also much easier to deploy and transport. When expanded, which only takes five seconds, the bulletproof shield can offer cover for police officers and shield them from bullets.