Scientific College of Design holds job fair

MUSCAT: Scientific College of Design organised fourth training and job exhibition for its graduates on its campus recently. This fair was held under the auspices of Mohsin bin Khamis al Balushi, Adviser to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, as part of the college’s efforts to find jobs for its male and female graduates and showcase their designing skills to the companies participating in it. These companies can attract these capabilities and skills, if they want.
Mohsin al Balushi saw the components of the fair and looked into the employment opportunities available in 16 companies which are participating in it. All these companies have specialisations in architectural, interior, graphic and fashion designing and fine arts.
He also listened to the explanations of the companies about their requirements from graduates of the college as well as about the areas they could be recruited and the efforts made by the college to get its graduates hired in the job markets of both the public and private sector and entrepreneurship.
Al Balushi also saw some of the graphic and interior designs through which creative skills of the graduates of the Scientific College of Design were highlighted.
Haytham bin Sadiq al Azzawi, head of the graduates section of the Scientific College of Design, said that with its 2,058 graduates so far, the college has made its place in the job market since 2004. Its graduates of various specialisations including graphic, architectural, interior and fashion design as well as fine arts have got wonderful response as they met the requirements of the job market of the Sultanate for national cadres. He said that this job fair was organised to make job as well as training opportunities for its graduates easily available at one place under one roof.
The companies which worked in the area of interior design, fine arts and fashion design participated in the job fair of the Scientific College of Design. They include B Diffrent, Hossam Design Studio, Kamal Ismail, Muscat International, Address for Engineering Consultations, Interior Design, Al-Makhmal House, Amal Al-Jamali, Al Rafd Press, Nexus, Try Me for Sports Events and Green Umbrella. These companies have expressed their willingness to provide training and employment opportunities for graduates of the college.
The Scientific College of Design presented a painting as a souvenir to Mohsin al Balushi and arts portraits to the participating companies.