Schools plan blood donation drive

MUSCAT, Aug 14 – Twenty Indian schools across Oman will start a blood donation campaign on Wednesday as part of India’s 72nd Independence Day. The campaign, to be held under the theme, ‘Thank You, Oman’, will run until November 18, Oman National Day. It is being held in association with the Ministry of Health, represented by the Central Blood Bank, Bausher. Hundreds of senior students, alumni members, teachers, members of the school management committees, parents and the general public will line up to donate blood at the school premises from morning on these days. “This initiative by the Indian schools in Oman reflects our continued commitment to society. Our aim is to raise awareness about this life-saving act and generate sufficient blood donations,” said Dr Baby Sam Samuel, who urged all parents, teachers and community members to extend their support for the campaign.
“It (the campaign) is also an effort to teach our students the need to support each other as a community.” Indian nationals who have not travelled to India in the last 12 months qualify for registration. An awareness campaign on the need to donate blood to government hospitals in Oman was held for children, parents and teachers by the schools. “The ‘Thank You, Oman’ blood donation campaign will be a milestone and an expression of gratitude to the host country under the benevolent leader His Majesty on Indian Independence Day,” said C M Najeeb, Vice-Chairman, Board of Directors, Indian Schools in Oman. Nearly 47,000 children study at these Indian schools. These include Indian School Muscat, Darsait, Ghubra, Wadi Kabir, Seeb, Salalah, Nizwa, Sur, Muladha, Kasab, Saham, Ibra, Ibri, Jaalan, Rustaq, Buraimi, Masirah and Tamrait.