SC: Oman reported 9,000 cases, 43 deaths in one week

The Supreme Committee on Covid-19 held its 12th weekly press conference today.

The press conference will be attended by:
Dr. Ahmed Al Saeedi, Minister of Health, Member of the Supreme Committee.
Dr. Ahmed al Futaisi,  Minister of Transport.
Dr. Abdulaziz bin Mohammed al Hinai, CEO, Oman Development Bank.
Dr. Saif bin Salim al Abri, Director General of Disease Surveillance & Control, Ministry of Health.
Dr. Ali bin Abdullah al Maqbali director, Disease Surveillance and Control North Batinah.

Dr. Ahmed Al Saeedi, Minister of Health

A significant increase in cases and deaths during the past 6 weeks due to the lack of compliance with health procedures by some people.

Since last Thursday, more than 9,000 new cases and 43 deaths were reported

In the first months of the pandemic, we were able to limit the spread due to a combination of efforts and commitment, but recently the situation changed alarmingly.

Some people after testing positive for the virus, unfortunately, started mixing with people without any sense of guilt

Please do not risk your health and that of your family and community.

Within one month, 27,000 cases were registered in the Sultanate, while in the first four months, only 7,700 cases were recorded.

There plans to develop a field hospital for critical cases.

The government did what was necessary, provided the information, and applied sanctions, but people should show social, moral, religious, and national responsibility.

There plans to develop a field hospital for critical cases.

If someone comes to the workplace and is not bound by the precautionary measures or was supposed to be in isolation; You must report it, and in this way, you protect society from harm

Despite the recovery and the disappearance of symptoms from some of the organs, it has been reported that the virus still stays in some parts of the body and needs months to fully recover, so please do not underestimate.

Some people are too reckless though they have been advised to avoid gatherings at homes and between families,and there are those who play football on beaches and crowd in commercial centres.

Imposing restrictions alone are not enough. Rather, there must be a sense of responsibility, and value for the lives of others. Harming others and causing death is a crime.

The Supreme Committee is studying the matter of tightening penalties against individuals and institutions.

The borders are still closed and travel abroad is still not allowed.

Mosques and activities that require large gatherings cannot be opened during the current time due to the high number of infections. Our main goal is to preserve lives of citizens and residents. 

We are not happy with the closure of mosques but human’s life is the most important

The closure of Dhofar Governorate will continue until July 17. The appropriate decision will be taken according to the health situation there.

Around 6 to 7% of confirmed cases are being admitted in health institutions, and only one percent are in intensive care.

Oman is working with the World Health Organization to ensure equitable distribution of medicines and vaccines.

Now is the time to publish the names of the violators and intensify monitoring.
We have developed a tougher mechanism to follow violators who wear bracelets

Dr. Ahmed al Futaisi,  Minister of Transport.

The return of newspaper printing was discussed the matter was referred to the technical committee. The matter will be presented at the next meeting for approval.

A number of employees and pilots have been laid off in Oman Air due to the economic conditions experienced by the airlines.

We are considering raising the fine for non-wearing masks from RO20 to a higher amount.

Indicators do not encourage the opening of land and air borders. The decision to stop the exit of Omanis abroad is still in place, and Omanis entering the Sultanate are subject to quarantine.

We are studying the possibility of adding the return of indoor activities, whether in hotels or public halls, but this depends on the decision of the technical committee.

A total of 2,400 of flights was operated to bring citizens home, also cargo, between February 1 and June 30.

We are studying the possibility of adding the return of indoor activities, whether in hotels or public halls, but this depends on the decision of the technical committee.

The government will not allow the aviation sector to collapse.

We will not hesitate to close some areas or activities again if necessary.

Domestic flights to oilfields and private services of Sharqiyah Aviation have resumed.

We will create the right environment for Omani youth to protect them from unfair competition in the profession of online delivery.

We will refer the matter of “entry of children” to the commercial complexes or malls to the technical committee for study.

Dr. Saif bin Salim al Abri

The coexistence document has been approved by the Recovery Committee and submitted to the Supreme Committee for approval.

There is coordination among GCC states for opening the borders and joint measures will be implemented after the announcement.

Dr. Ali bin Abdullah al Maqbali

There are several violations reported by many families in North Al Batinah as they have booked closed places to hold occasions, birthdays, and weddings.

One of the most important reasons for the high number of cases in Northern Batinah level is the failure to inform health institutions or notify them in advance at the individual level.

One person who was tested positive for coronavirus transmits the infection to 35 people in North Batinah.


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