Sayyid Khalid promises professional approach as OOC chief

Anuroop Athiparambath –
New Oman Olympic Committee (OOC) Chairman Sayyid Khalid bin Hamed al Busaidy promised a professional approach to meet various challenges facing the sports sector in the Sultanate.
Speaking exclusively to Observer after he won the election on Thursday, Sayyid Khalid said, “there will be lot of challenges but we will work in a professional manner to address them.”
“We will examine the basic reasons for the issues that we face and after determining it, measures will be taken to rectify them,” the former chairman of Oman Football Association (OFA) put it straight.
Sayyid Khalid gathered 10 votes while his opponent candidate Shaikh Saif al Hosni could manage only four votes out of 14 votes polled in the OOC chairman election at its headquarters.
A total of 14 members attended the Annual General meeting out of 15 eligible to vote. Engineer Dawood Ahmed al Raisi was absent due to personal reasons.
Immediately after the election, Khalid al Busaidy was seen visiting all the departments of OOC and meeting the officials. OOC Secretary-General Taha al Kishry accompanied the chairman and introduced him to the officials.
The new OOC chief called on all stake holders to work together for the development of sports in the country.
“I call on the entire sports fraternity and all the stake holders, be it government or private and others to work together for the development of sports in the Sultanate.”
He also sought the support of the government and private entities along with media to improve the sports sector in the Sultanate.
The election came towards the final year in the term of the current OOC board (2017-2020), when Shaikh Khalid al Zubair quit in September 2018.

Former acting chairman Saif al Hosni has agreed to stay as the vice-chairman in the OOC.
“I believe it is my duty to serve the board through this transition period. I congratulate Sayyid Khalid for winning the election. Together we can work as a team for the development of Oman sports,” Saif said.
Khalid al Busaidy thanked Saif al Hosni for the support, saying his involvement will be vital.
The OOC’s election committee, headed by Ziad bin Ali bin Yousuf al Balushi, also come in for praise from all the candidates and officials for the transparent election conducted for the head post of the top sports authority in the Sultanate.
Taha al Kishry said this OOC board is well equipped to make a positive push for Oman sports.
“Sayyid Khalid comes with rich experience in OFA and sports administration. It is great that Shaikh Saif al Hosni also decided to stay as vice-chairman. So that makes us a competent team capable of developing the sports in the Sultanate to further heights,” Taha said.
Taha had earlier worked with Sayyid Khalid when he was the chairman of OFA and the OOC General Secretary is confident about another successful partnership with him in his role as the OOC chief.
Sayyid Khalid was the chairman of Fanja Sports Club from 1988 to 1991. He became the first elected chairman of the OFA in 2007 to hold office till 2016.