Saudi designers impressed on Muscat catwalk


Seven Saudi designers gathered at the luxurious halls of the Grand Hyatt Hotel on Tuesday for the first Saudi Fashion Show in the Sultanate.
The seven designers showcased diverse types of designs combining ethnicity and modernity of the Saudi Culture to their creation.
The unique event was held under the patronage of Sayyida Basma al Said and Abdulraheem Naqi, Secretary-General of the Federation of GCC Chambers, and the Emirati designer Muna al Mansoori.
The designers who were on the spotlight included Omaima Azooz, Rana Reeri, Amal Qashlan, Suzanne Baghdadi, Samar Idris and Aamal Raa’d with the participation of senior designer Um al Saad Baghdadi who always highlights the Hejazi traditional dresses and the outfits of the city of Madina.
International designer Omaima showcased garments created with immense innovation and creativity. She also communicated through her works her deep passion for Saudi and Gulf heritage.
Enjoying great popularity in Saudia Arabia as a versatile designer, Rana Reeri showcased once more the special standards set in her country. Reeri focused on authentic Saudi designs and communicated well her knowledge about Saudi society but at the same time, she didn’t forget to have a brand new approach by merging to her creation international elegance.
Reeri has created her own concept — the “Psychic Design” — where she integrated and adapted her designs with the personality of the possessor of the piece.
Amal Qashlan has been making forward-thinking creations for different cities of the Kingdom. As an artist and fashion designer, she designed pieces that connect well with her consumers adding credibility to her nickname as ‘Designer of the Country.’
Qashlan is also an interior decorator for houses and has demonstrated in the past her love for designing wedding dresses, birthdays among others.
Designer Suzanne Baghdadi is the first to design the bride’s coat. The coat — white, easy-to-the-eyes, and luxurious, —was a welcome innovation. Baghdadi has been designing gowns for many years and has been reputed to always select the finest international fabrics for the finest detail.
Samar Idris who specialises in the design of evening and wedding dresses showcased soft designs and also demonstrated how she can pull off light colours. Her creation gives out an aura of happiness.
Aamal Raa’d, despite a Lebanese nationality, has immersed herself in Saudi fashion and over the years has acquired the touch of the Kingdom. A prominent figure among Saudi women designers, she began her career in 1999 and participated in a number of fashion shows, the most recent of which was Miss World for Tourism Show in Lebanon.
Raa’d’s creation is noted for their simplicity and elegant feel and finish.