Saud Bahwan Group Toyota Parts Department recruited NCAT-trained talented nationals

Recently, Omanis who underwent training at the National College of Automotive Technology (NCAT), Oman, where Saud Bahwan Group is one of the founders and which is funded by the private and public sector, were successfully inducted into the Saud Bahwan Group’s Toyota Parts Department.
National College of Automotive Technology aims to supply highly skilled national technicians, master technicians and specialists to the automotive, transportation and logistics sector in Oman NCAT plays a pivotal role in Oman’s human resources development through reinforcing a reputation of excellence and quality.
During induction, the successful candidates underwent a specially designed programme at the Saud Bahwan Group’s Advanced Learning Centre. The programme emphasised on soft-skills like effectively dealing with customers and improved their overall approach towards business transaction.
The programme also briefed them about their roles and responsibilities along with other topics that included Know Your Organisation — Saud Bahwan Group and its culture. The programme also effectively touched upon specific topics like ‘Communication Skills’ to openly handle customer queries and their grievances, ‘Telephone & E-mail Etiquettes’, ‘Selling Skills’ to optimise business and ‘Negotiation Skills’ to strike a win-win deal.
The enthusiastic new employees were also trained on all aspects related to Toyota parts business. Visits to the Toyota parts outlets during on-the-job training gave them insights on various aspects like Ordering parts and issuing parts to the service department using the e-catalogue; Performing over the counter sales transactions; Receiving parts stocks; Assisting with inventory and general housekeeping of the parts area; Sorting incoming parts and supplies, by storing items in an orderly and accessible manner, processing incoming requests and distributing parts and supplies for internal usage; Using manual or computerised inventory systems; Preparing requisition orders to replenish parts and supplies, to name a few. The employees are now successfully placed at Toyota Parts outlets at various branches across Oman.
Saud Bahwan Group’s efforts to identify, nurture and develop talented Omanis and encourage them to take up greater responsibilities have been a consistent one. The Group’s range of specially planned training initiatives ensures that candidates regularly undergo specific training related to their field of work and are professionally up-to-date with the latest information and activities.
At Saud Bahwan Group, a large and growing cadre of Omani staff is present all over Oman. They are employed in various functional areas including Sales & Marketing, Service & Parts, Customer Care, Advertising, Accounts, Audit, Instalment Credit, Administration, Warehousing, Information Technology, Personnel & Omanisation and Human Resource Development.