Sas48 Challenge attracts 520 applicants

The Ministry of Technology and Communications, in partnership with Omantel, organised the pre-event (ideation) of Sas48 challenge at Middle East College (MEC) on Saturday.
The fifth edition of the competition witnessed the registration of 520 applicants and they all gathered in the ideation phase that aims to develop the registrants’ ideas and explain the challenge phases and evaluation criteria. The ideation day is a full day hands-on workshop that focuses on idea generation and validation, 4th Industrial Revolution (4-IR) session and pitch rehearsals.
During the day, individuals will pitch their ideas and teams will be formed and individuals who do not have an idea will join other teams based on the skills needed. After the ideation workshop, all teams will be asked to submit their business idea to Sas within three days for evaluation. The 20 ideas that will compete in the challenge for 48 hours will be chosen based on the submitted business idea and the team qualifications. The challenge will be held at Omantel premises from November 7 to 9 for 48 hours.
Sas48 challenge seeks to nurture the culture of entrepreneurship and encourage champions to think creatively and establish new businesses, and this year the organising team will emphasise the utilisation of 4-IR solutions. It’s targeted for last year college students, job-seekers, professionals and anyone interested in mobile apps and web development field. The participating team should have members specialised in programming, mobile app development, web development, design, entrepreneurship or project management and marketing.