Samsung preparing high-end ‘Nautilus’ Chromebook

The rumoured “Nautilus” 2-in-1 Chromebook from Samsung will get a really nice camera, according to reports.
Nautilus, believed as the first detachable Chromebook to ever be released, will come equipped with a Sony IMX258 camera sensor, which is literally the same one that’s on the LG G6. Given that most 2-in-1 devices have a 720p camera at best, this might just be the first Chromebook sporting a camera users would actually enjoy taking pictures or recording video with.
The detail about the camera sensor was spotted by Chrome Unboxed, which was also the first to report about the existence of Nautilus back in November 2017. Aside from what’s been mentioned above, there aren’t many other hints to what Nautilus might be. Featuring a detachable screen, it’s reportedly going to have a design similar to that of the Microsoft Surface Book.
Engadget speculates that it will come with a 12-inch screen, which is pretty typical in 2-in-1 territory. It could very well come with something smaller, though, especially if it’s screen is meant to double as a standalone tablet.
As for the spec sheet, earlier reports suggested it might sport a seventh-generation Intel Kaby Lake processor, which, if true, would make it on par with other Microsoft devices in the same category, such as the Surface Laptop.