Samsung car battery prototype boasts 600km range

Samsung SDI, the battery division of Samsung, unveiled a new battery for electric vehicles at the 2017 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The battery looks to solve the concern of range anxiety among consumers. The next-generation battery for electric vehicles is described by Samsung SDI as being capable of offering electric vehicles a range of up to 600 kilometres, a significant increase compared with the range offered by current electric vehicles. Tesla Motors, for example, unveiled in the summer of 2016 a larger 100 kWh battery pack which is capable of pushing the range of the company’s Model S P100D electric vehicle to an estimated 506 kilometres on a single charge. It was reported that the range would be boosted to 613 kilometres, but that figure was based on European standards, whereas the 315-mile (506 km) range is based on United States standards.
A boost in the maximum range of electric vehicles is not the only breakthrough presented by Samsung SDI’s new batteries though. According to the unit, the battery is capable of storing enough power for 310 miles, (498 km) or about 80 percent of its capacity, with a charging time of just 20 minutes. This means that in just 20 minutes in a charging area, drivers will be able to recover much of the spent energy in the electric car’s battery, presenting another solution to concerns of range anxiety. The time is perfect for a quick stop for the driver and passengers of the electric vehicle to have a washroom break or to grab a snack, for example.