SalamAir welcomes new batch of female Omani cabin crew

As part of its ongoing commitment to empower local talent with promising careers in the aviation industry, SalamAir, Oman’s first budget airline, has recruited a new batch of female Omani cabin crew to join their ranks. This comes as a result of a nation-wide recruitment campaign that was advertised on various platforms and engaged 240 applicants attending the two-day orientation session.
Salam al Kindi, Director of Corporate Support at SalamAir, said “The aviation sector in Oman continues to show promising growth, especially with the flow of investments in the country’s tourism and transportation infrastructure and government backed projects nearing completion. These factors have created a high demand in the market and opened a window for local Omani talent to enter the aviation sector.”
He went on to explain, “Currently, the sector in Oman is male dominant, and we at SalamAir have taken the initiative to encourage more Omani females to be involved. As a home-grown airline, we understand the cultural reservations that may impact women pursuing cabin crew careers. We have therefore adapted the traditional role to suit these cultural sensitivities and facilitate the contribution of women in this burgeoning sector. For instance, our flexible selection criteria welcomed both experienced cabin crew, as well as fresh graduates to apply for the opportunity. Additionally, we have also adapted the female cabin crew attire to provide our flight attendants with the choice to wear the hijab as part of their official uniform. The long stay of the crew outside the country is normally seen as another setback, however since SalamAir operates short to medium haul flights, crew members will not be required to stay outside the country for extended periods of time.”
Since the start of operations in January of this year, SalamAir has achieved 60 per cent Omanisation, and operates a 24/7 contact centre that comprises of 100 per cent Omani talent. Building on the its success, SalamAir aims to increase the number of nationals working within the airline to serve its growing network of destinations.