Salalah Women’s Sport Forum sets off

SALALAH: Khareef Salalah Women’s Sport Forum set off in Salalah on Monday at the Hilton Hotel, Dhofar Governorate, under the theme ‘Together, we promote women’s sport’. Held under the patronage of Shaikha Naeema al Ahmad al Jabir al Sabah, Chairman of GCC Women’s Sport Organising Committee, the forum is organised by Oman Women’s Sport Committee (OWSC) of Oman Olympic Committee (OOC) in cooperation with the Organising Committee of Salalah Tourism Festival 2018 and the Ministry of Sports Affairs represented by the Women’s Sport Department.
The forum is attended by Sayyidah Sanaa bint Hamad al Busaidy, Chairperson of Oman Women’s Sport Committee, Taha bin Sulaiman al Kishry, OOC Secretary-General, Shaikh Badr bin Ali al Rawas, OOC board member, the Chairman of Oman Women’s Society, several Omani female athletes, a host of female coaches and administrators, members of sports committees and several officials at the Ministry of Sports Affairs.
The forum is aimed at highlighting the achievements made by Omani women, reviewing some Omani and GCC stories and experiences in the field of women’s sport, exchanging experiences and knowledge in this field and underscoring the relationship between sport and tourism.
Sayyidah Sanaa delivered a speech in which she referred to the particular attention and care being accorded by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos to women’s sport. She further focused on the many achievements made by Omani women in various fields, particularly in sport and sports administration.
“The Khareef Salalah Women’s Sport Forum comes as part of the Salalah Tourism Festival in emphasis of the significance of sport. This forum aims to enrich women and provide them with the necessary sports knowledge with the ultimate goal of developing the standard of female athletes and assisting them to excel in sports with good physical fitness and high performance,” she pointed out.
Sayyidah Sanaa concluded her speech by expressing her thanks and appreciation to the OOC and the Ministry of Sports Affairs for their continuing support to OWSC and the Salalah Tourism Festival management, Dhofar Municipality and other sponsors for their support and cooperation to make this forum a success.
In her address to the forum, Shaikha Naeema reviewed Kuwait’s experience in the field of women’s sport. The first working paper was presented by Maryam bint Saif al Hosni, member of OWSC, under the title ‘Oman women’s sport and women’s teams’. She reviewed the major sports events and activities in which OWSC has participated since its official inception in 2005.
Dr Badi’ah Ali Abdul Sameei Mohammed, Sultan Qaboos University, presented the second working paper entitled “Women’s sport from exercise to competition’ in which she dealt with the concept of sports practicing as well as the characteristics, objectives and competition theories.
The third working paper presented by Dr Saif bin Said al Riyami from Sultan Qaboos University Hospital dealt the importance of warm-ups and necessary precautions for the prevention of sports injuries.
An open discussion session was then held following presentation of the three working papers including questions and answers.
The first day of the forum concluded with a visit to Sultan Qaboos Sports and Recreation Complex and Salalah Tourism Festival at the Municipality’s Recreation Centre.
On the other hand, Shaikh Khalid bin Muhammad al Zubair, Chairman of OOC, congratulated Sayyidah Sanaa for receiving the Achievement Diploma presented to her by the International Olympic Committee for her achievements in the field of women’s sport and in recognition of her efforts and constructive contribution to promoting equality between genders in sport.