Salalah shifts from one festivity to another

Farewell to Khareef (monsoon) does not mean farewell to festivity in Salalah. The city and its adjoining mountain villages have slipped into another round of festivity called Asurb or spring season.
The residents of Salalah are seen enjoying the serenity of nature on the weekends by visiting some tourism spots which have become more attractive during the spring.

Jibjat is one such location, which is very popular among the locals for its perfect and natural picnic setting offered by trees which look like umbrellas and offer nice shade for long hours.
This location is so popular among the local people that sometimes it becomes difficult to get a place, as all the places under the trees get occupied by the early birds.
There are some people who love to come late to Jibjat and do camping in their personal tents. Camping in the night at Jibjat, according to Salam al Mashani, is a unique experience.
“You cook food in the lap of nature, eat there and feel it. It is amazing to watch the stars and sleep without air conditioners. It gets so cold during the night that you need heavy blankets. It is really very refreshing and rejuvenating next morning,” he said.
Another beautiful sight is watching the camels going home after months of their stay in the city. Monsoon is the time when camel owners bring the camels on the plains.
The monsoon forces the mountain dwellers to migrate to the plains along with their camels, as damp like condition creates breeding ground for many insects that not only affect the human being, they affect the camels also. Hygiene becomes an issue and the slippery mountain grounds make the movement of camels very difficult.
Asurb is the time when the camels start moving to the mountains. They have plenty of green feed to graze and due to consumption of fresh green leaves and grass all over, the camel milk become very tasty.
“This is the time when camel owners would invite their friends and relatives to their homes to stay and have food with them. Preparations of camels and camel milk constitute special dishes and the whole scenario gives a feeling of festivity among the Dhofaris,” said Salam.
Asurb this year is special due to the running wadis (canals) and waterfalls. It is amazing to picnic around those waterfalls. This phenomenon is going to stay for some more time and the winter tourists would also enjoy the nature’s new setting this season.