Salalah is charming glory with ‘off season’ advantage

SALALAH: There is good news for those who missed Salalah during the Eid holidays or even before, when Khareef was on its peak. There is no sign of the Khareef going away in near future and people have added advantage of ‘off season’, which is likely to start from the beginning of September.

Practically the off season has already started for those who are comfortable with the furnished apartments spread all over Salalah. Most of the in-country guests have gone with the end of Eid holidays and opening of schools and other educational institutions where registration of students has already started.

The star hotels still have high occupancy due to many major events scheduled till the second week of September. Still there would be correction, which is in favour of tourists who wanted to visit Salalah but could not make it due to huge rush and high price tag in Salalah accommodation.

A duty manager of a five-star in Salalah admitted that some major events like medical conference, sustainability conference and Arab entrepreneur conference are scheduled between August 29 and September 7.

These events would keep the hoteliers occupied till the first week of September and after lull of about 20 days the charter season would pick up.

Advantage late visitors are ease in traffic, greenery and intact natural springs. They can have more free movements and get tables in city restaurants without any wait. It is time for to grab the off season advantage.

Mist and fog is still there on the mountains and most of the springs which have come up naturally due cyclone Mekunu and subsequent incessant drizzling are still flowing. They have advantage also of skipping ACs even during the day getting drizzling.

A woman visitor from Muscat did a nice comparison between Muscat and Salalah weather by saying that she was not getting tired at all in Salalah despite whole day movement here and there, which included walks on foot sometimes. “But in Muscat, due hot weather, I get tired easily only by bringing my son back from school bus stop, which is very close to my house.”

Salalah residents are also gearing up to roam around after ease in traffic on city roads, which were occupied mostly with the outstation tourists. Most of them are keeping their picnic kit ready for the coming weekend.

By Kaushalendra Singh