SAI keen on raising awareness and promoting integrity

MUSCAT: State Audit Institution (SAI) is keen to embody the principle of partnership in protecting the public fund and promoting integrity as well as values of self and preventive control with the entities subject to audit. It is achieved with the help of civil society organisations and individuals through a number of tools and methods. Given the importance of media in activating communication in society, media and awareness programmes are considered major tools to achieve this goal.
Dr Hamyar al Mahrouqi, Director of Awareness and Integrity Promotion, pointed out that SAI adopts a comprehensive awareness-raising and media plan which aims to establish a form of impartial and informed society. He touched upon SAI’s role in auditing public funds as well as all the financial and administrative transactions. In addition, Al Mahrouqi mentioned that SAI undertakes the responsibility of following up the performance of the entities’ subject to audit as per the applicable laws: “State Audit Institution” Law and “Protection of the Public Fund and Avoidance of Conflict of Interest Law” issued by the Royal Decrees No. 111/2011, 112/2011 respectively. SAI is also assigned to perform the duties of anti-corruption authority as well as to follow up and implement the UN Convention against Corruption.
Al Mahrouqi clarified that SAI’s media plan is based on many pillars such as religious values, the wise vision of His Majesty, intrinsic Omani values, the requirements stipulated in the UN Convention against Corruption and legal frameworks…etc.
Moreover, he indicated that SAI programmes provide a diverse content within religious, legal and values frameworks delivered in different templates. These templates include visual, audible, print, and electronic media. He mentioned that SAI also contributes in covering national and international occasions such as the International Day against Corruption, let alone broadcasting awareness-raising programmes in collaboration with different governmental institutions. Al Mahrouqi said that Awareness and Integrity Promotion Department was established to assume its duties in this regard.
He asserted that SAI is keen to deliver its content to all segments of society. Therefore, the programmes are delivered in Arabic and English, as well as sign-language for persons with hearing impairments. SAI’s programmes also provide short description for the pictures for visually impaired.
With regard to media and awareness-raising programmes, Al Mahrouqi stated that SAI is preparing “Nazaha” programme for its third season in a row. This programme aims to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the public fund within religious values. SAI is carrying on to broadcast the radio programme “Censorship is everyone’s responsibility” which has broadcast more than 140 episodes since 2015. He said this programme seeks to identify SAI’s role and the way it performs its duties. SAI also participates in other TV and radio programmes such as “Min Oman”, “Al-Hookooq Mahfotha “and “kul Al-Asela”.
With regard to print media, Al Mahrouqi said SAI conducts investigations and surveys and disseminates messages through newspapers. It also distributes brochures in this regard.
SAI monitors the circulated issues on social media networks and studies them in line with its jurisdictions. It disseminates the content on social media networks as well as in its website to ensure that it is delivered to all target groups.
Al Mahrouqi stated that SAI has conducted more than 200 awareness seminars since 2012 for the employees in the entities subject to its audit and to students in the different higher-education institutions with nearly 140,00 participants. SAI continues to conduct such seminars, especially for the young, in collaboration with competent governmental institutions.
SAI cooperates with different state institutions to promote integrity through collaborating with Ministry of Endowment and Religious Affairs to raise this issue in Friday Sermons and lectures. SAI is working to make new and additional partnership with different governmental institutions to achieve this goal.
Al Mahrouqi concluded that SAI makes constant effort to protect the public fund and promote integrity through audit reports and studies, making use of the resultant observations and recommendations.