SAI holds awareness seminar in Sharqiyah

AL SHARQIYAH: The State Audit Institution (SAI) conducted an awareness seminar for the General-Directorate of Social Development in Al Sharqiyah South. The seminar was held on May 14 in the presence of Dr Khalfan Mohammed al Fahdi, Director-General of Social Development for Al Sharqiyah South and North.
The seminar, was executed as part the awareness-raising seminars implemented by SAI, and demonstrated the principles of partnership and collaboration with the entities that are subject to SAI audit and the State institutions and society.
Auditor Abdullah Ali al Ruzaiqi, Director of Financial and Administrative Audit Department in Sur, and Auditor Salim Amer al Hajri presented the mandate of SAI and the implementation mechanism that aids SAI to execute its primary assignment as an entity responsible for administrative and financial auditing on State funds or those under the State management and oversight.
The presenters gave a brief on financial and administrative transactions and the role SAI plays in monitoring and following up on the performance of the entities subject to audit in accordance with the applicable laws. Both Financial Statement Declaration and Annual Disclosure models of the government official were also discussed during the seminar.
The audience were also introduced to SAI’s official website, channels available for the community to receive complaints and how those complaints are examined.