SAI Chairman approves Annual Audit Plan 2019

MUSCAT: Shaikh Nasser al Maawali, Chairman of State Audit Institution (SAI), has approved the institution’s annual audit plan 2019, given SAI’s role in preserving the public funds or the private ones that are managed by any entity subject to its audit.
Mohammad al Nabhani (pictured), an audit specialist at SAI, said the institution has prepared the plan according to its jurisdictions and the range of the audit, in the light of the development of audit field administratively and financially. In addition, the plan is set according to the entities’ compliance to SAI’s recommendations.
Moreover, in setting the audit plan SAI has taken into consideration applying different types of audit that are stipulated in Financial and Administrative Audit Law issued by the Royal Decree No 111/2011. These types include accounting, legal, administrative, performance audit, auditing the decisions issued on financial violations.
They also include auditing investments and some electronic systems and all the accounts of the entities subject to SAI’s audit.
With regard to handling complaints, Al Nabhani clarified that the plan included tasks specified to study the complaints that are filed to SAI directly through visiting SAI’s headquarters or the different branches or through mail or electronic one or via complaint window in SAI’ website. These tasks include different topics such as negligence, violating rules and regulations and investigating the compliance of the entities in applying equity and equality in providing services.
Al Nabhani added that in setting the plan, the focus was directed to the topics related to diversifying sources of income, increasing non-oil revenues and rationalising expenditure.
The plan also included some topics related to streamlining the procedures through electronic systems and transferring to electronic government.
Within these main aspects, as Al Nabhani stated, there are many different topics which the plan included such as examining infrastructure and strategic projects listed in the 9th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020), in
addition to examining and reviewing revenues, expenses, payment vouchers, debts, credit facilities and verifying the accounting entries and ensuring that it is supported by formal documents.
In addition, SAI audits the national and international investments of the entities subject to its audit.
SAI also audits all final accounts of the State and the entities subject to audit.