Safety guidelines must to avoid fire incidents

A high-level delegation including the Wali of Muttrah, the chairman of Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI), members of Majlis Ash’shura, and the Municipal Affairs Committee visited the site in Wadi Kabir industrial area where the fire broke out on Thursday.
After the inspection visit, the delegates stressed the importance of following the safety guidelines and added that establishments must insure their properties, which will help them recover some losses incurred from such incidents.
“The insurance will help them recover from these emergency situations and return to operations at the earliest.”
The delegates praised the great efforts exerted by Royal Oman Police, Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance (PACDA) to control the fire, which lasted for over eight hours and helped to minimise the extent. All businesses must regularly conduct inspections and must ensure that safety instructions are followed at such sites. OCCI will prepare a detailed study on the current situation at industrial zones that will include how to avoid future such situations apart from the commitment to have all properties insured.
The study will address the regulations that must be followed in the future in the industrial zones, which will contribute to protecting the facilities from risks and disasters, with the participation of competent authorities.
A comprehensive report on what led to the causes of this fire and the problems faced by owners of industrial facilities will be submitted to the Governor of Muscat.
Speaking to the Observer, some residents said such incidents are waiting to happen, and it is time to relocate the industrial area from the residential neighbourhood.
A mechanic employed at one of the garages, said, “Even if the park cannot be relocated keeping the interests in the businesses in trying circumstances, some planning has to be made. For example, activities that involve the use and storage of hazardous materials should be given special care and attention.”