SAF carries out relief operations in Dhofar

SALALAH: Royal Navy of Oman (RNO) vessel Al Rasikh arrived in Dhofar Governorate on Saturday to provide support to the other naval vessels presently stationed in Dhofar to help in search and rescue operations and reconnaissance of affected naval zones as well as providing logistic support to the other sectors amid the tropical condition currently affecting Dhofar.

Meanwhile, the Sultan’s Armed Forces (SAF) continues its efforts by harnessing its manpower and financial capacities in dealing with the tropical condition affecting Dhofar Governorate. SAF has confirmed its ability to handle the adverse weather condition by activating emergency plans with the continued follow-up of the deputy prime minister for defence affairs with direct supervision of the SAF chief of staff and the commanders of SAF units.

Within the framework of the Military Sup-committee for Emergency Management, SAF units provided various support and services depending on the situation helped by its cumulative experience in dealing with emergencies resulting from heavy rain and flash floods. These include reopening of roads and providing transportation in the affected areas.

SAF medical services continued to provide medical support through the Armed Forces Hospital in Salalah which was opened for citizens and expatriates who could not access the health institutions due to roadblocks.

The Royal Air Force of Oman (Rafo) is utilizing its aircrafts in the ongoing search and rescue operations, evacuation and transportation of goods. — ONA

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