Sadah receives highest rainfall ahead of storm

MUSCAT, Oct 13 – Many wilayats in the Governorate of Dhofar witnessed moderate to heavy rainfall as a result of Luban in the last 24 hours. According to Public Authority for Civil Aviation, the Wilayat of Sadah recorded the highest amount of 37.2 mm rainfall. This was followed by Qairoon Hairiti at 11.2 mm, Mirbat with 10.2 mm, and Shaleem with 9 mm of rainfall. “More rains are expected in the governorate in the coming hours,” the authority said in a statement.
In May, Dhofar received a record four years of rainfall in just five days as a result of Cyclone Mekunu that devastated many areas of Dhofar. From May 23 to 27, Salalah had received the highest rainfall of 617 mm of rainfall followed by Taqah with 275 mm and Rakhyout 221 mm. The average rainfall since 1943 in Salalah has ranged between 30 mm and 300 mm. The change in percentage over the years is negligible. It was only in 1963 that Salalah witnessed 512.6 mm rainfall. “This time, Taqah has so far received only 7 mm of rainfall. Dhalkout recorded the least amount of rainfall with just 0.8 mm in the last 24 hours,” the authority said.