Sablat al Hailin opens at Suwaiq

SUWAIQ, Feb 18 – Al Hailin village celebrated yesterday the opening of Sablat Al Hailin or the general council in Wadi Al Jahawer in the Wilayat of Suwaiq under the auspices of Gen Sultan bin Mohammed al Numani, Minister of the Royal Office. An exhibition showcasing old coins, weapons and ancient items was held as part of the opening ceremony. Sablat Al Hailin is used for different occasions such as weddings, condolences, Eid festival, parties, greetings and others.

It plays an important role to gather people from the village and outside. It helps people to discuss many issues and to find a solution towards various problems such as divorce cases and others. In the past Sablat Al Hailin was divided into two parts namely the clay room which is used during winter season and an open courtyard used during summer. The sablat was built by individual donations and through contributions by some corporate organisations.

Hammam Al Badi