Sabla reaffirms importance of local traditions

Ali Al Matani – –

Many wilayats in the Sultanate have seen the establishment of general councils of late. It is not a new trend. The tradition is part of history of Sabla of Oman, which has played a crucial role in the life of the people of the country.
The setting up of these councils reaffirms the importance of local traditions rooted in history.
It is also a recognition of the well-known values and practices in society. It clearly shows the orientation of individuals living in society and what everybody feels proud of. Because of these traditions and practices, local societies do not accept
changes in values on the pretext of modernisation.
People will resist anything that will come in the way of traditions.
The opening of general councils in various wilayats and lanes of Oman gives a sense of satisfaction and pride. It shows that the people of the country are steadfast in their practise of Sabla as a heritage that has survived generations after generations.
Its external appearance has remained the same as it was in terms of its components, particularly the unique Omani architectural design used in the construction of fortresses and other Omani monuments.
It sends out a clear message to future generations that it is important to remain connected with the local heritage and at the same time address the modern-day requirements.
These councils are of huge importance. They will remain alive if virtues of good human and social values are inculcated among the younger generation.
The most important characteristics of Sabla is its depth of relationship, cohesion, harmony and integration between members of the locality, district or wilayat. It is a beautiful example of love for country over personal gains.
These initiatives, in fact, open wider horizons for the local communities to interact in harmony with each other. It is required at the time of celebrations or during difficult times for both individuals and families.
This is the cohesion of society reflected in these councils and this is what we know as the traditions of the Sultanate.
These councils reduce financial costs of holding events and ceremonies. People differ in their financial capabilities. Therefore, these councils bridge that gap, bringing everyone together at the time of celebration, mourning or any such occasion.
This mounts no burden on one single individual or family. Everyone celebrates every moment together or comes together during difficult times. We will hardly see a similar example of social heritage in other countries.
The establishment of public councils prepares the community to increase initiatives and interactions on social issues.
It encourages people to engage more in charity activities and direct their efforts towards needy families in various localities and villages.
The general councils offer unique opportunity to the people to find and develop solutions for their day-to-day issues.
We hope these wonderful efforts bring prosperity for the people. It will also help in the revival and preservation of original and authentic Omani heritage and harness it to serve society. It will help the promotion of real spirit of solidarity and cohesion.