Rules will help us to enjoy life

Rules make people aware of the behavior they need to follow at the places where they are. But many of us do not comply with the rules despite the fact that life cannot be in order without them as they imply some restrictions.

To live in a community, we must follow rules not just for the fear that breaking them will land us in jail or will lead to a fine. On the contrary they will guarantee discipline and some kind of control on misdemeanours.

Rules are a set of guidelines issued by the authorities to facilitate and ensure a healthy and safe community. If we do not follow them, then there will be a chaos all around.

This is what we are experiencing today. Immediately after the coronavirus emerged in the Sultanate, the authorities introduced strict measures to prevent the spread of pandemic. They asked us not to leave our homes except for purposes like shopping essentials, medical urgencies etc.

Even the government introduced emergency laws to make breaking the lockdown a crime punishable by fine or jail. With a Royal Decree, His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq amended Oman’s Infectious Diseases Control Law to curtail the pandemic spread.

Are we following it, especially with stay at home rules? Alas! People are roaming around freely on the streets despite repeated requests that adhering to social distancing is the most effective way to diffuse the novel coronavirus.

True, it is a strange experience to live through a pandemic. Most of us have never been asked to make sacrifices including gatherings for prayer especially months like Ramadhan. All these disruptions can make us anxious. And it is difficult to make the changes we are being asked to do.

Since social distancing and stay-at-home-orders were mandated to limit the spread of COVID-19 as best we can, it’s important to focus, in times like this, on what we can do to contribute in the battle against the deadly virus.

That’s why the authorities, health care workers, celebrities and regular folks are imploring us to stay home. This not only does protect you but others as well.

When life returns to normal, we may have a new-found appreciation for things that we took for granted – hugging our loved ones, praying and having meals together or meeting up with a friend for a coffee.