Royal Oman Police, Bank Muscat continue anti-fraud awareness drive

MUSCAT: The Royal Oman Police and Bank Muscat, in cooperation with Sur University College, organised an anti-fraud awareness lecture for students at the college recently under the theme “Cyber Security is Everyone’s Responsibility”. The lecture sought to familiarise students as well as faculty and staff at the college with various types of electronic fraud, prominent methods used by fraudsters in committing financial crimes as well as different ways to prevent fraud and how to respond to such attacks.
A joint team from the Royal Oman Police and Bank Muscat sensitised the attendees about different types of fraud that is perpetrated by scamsters across the globe and provided detailed information that would enable them to recognise such fraudulent activities. The team provided information about different methods, which are used against victims and also disseminated knowledge about best practices to avoid exposure to financial fraud. Cases of electronic financial fraud have been increasing globally over the last few years and can often cause serious financial and psychological damage to both businesses as well as individuals.
The lecture also pointed out the dangers of clicking on embedded links, which are often sent through SMSes or WhatsApp, as well as of using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in public spots. It is also very important that all computers and smartphones operating systems and antivirus applications have the latest security updates.
The cybersecurity lecture educated people to always verify who it is they are dealing with before doing a transaction as well follow digital safety best practices at all times. The ROP and Bank Muscat team particularly stressed on the importance of making sure that family members, especially the elderly, are aware that details like PINs and OTPs should never be shared with anyone, especially by phone or email. The team asked all the participants to further disseminate this knowledge to their wider circle of friends and members of their local communities.
The awareness workshop witnessed a good turnout of students who actively participated in the question and answer session at the end. The event was held as part of a special anti-fraud awareness campaign launched by the Royal Oman Police and Bank Muscat in 2019. A number of similar events will be held at different universities and colleges across the Sultanate in the coming months as part of the campaign.
Giving top priority to its role as the Sultanate’s flagship financial institution and its key role in supporting the National Economy, Bank Muscat has been part of a number of anti-fraud awareness campaigns over the past few years whereby the bank has sought to sensitise and educate the general public with information that will enable them to easily recognise and avoid fraud.