Royal Hospital marks World Heart Day

MUSCAT: In line with the World Heart Day that is observed on the 29 September every year, the National Heart Center (NHC) at the Royal Hospital (RH) organised on Wednesday an event at the centre reception with the attendance of Dr Qasim al Salmi, RH General Director, in addition to health cadres, and visitors.
The event aimed at increasing heart health awareness among community members as well as raising awareness on the cardiovascular diseases (CVS), causes, and preventions methods. Furthermore, the event introduced the services of NHC to the attendees.
The event included various activities that provided health information for individuals on the risks of CVS and strokes, highlighting the significance of adopting healthy lifestyles and practicing exercises in order to avoid risks of heart diseases.
The day was accompanied by an awareness exhibition that included many sections for blood pressure, sugar level, weight, and body mass measurement.
It also included health education corner for elderly heart diseases that provided leaflets on diet types that reduces level of cholesterol and heart diseases. The exhibition trained the attendees on performing hands only Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).
Moreover, the medical cadre responded to any enquiries and consultations regarding heart catheter.
It is worth to mention that during 2016 the National Heart Center has received 38,987 patients distributed in its different departments. The centre moreover performed 4856 cardiac-catheter and 900 heart surgeries for adults and children.