Royal Hospital makes history with thyroid treatment

The Royal Hospital in Muscat has made a unique achievement in the Sultanate in the field of treatment of thyroid diseases in two patients. A medical team was able to use an efficient treatment technique, such as the removal of the thyroid using a surgical telescope, avoiding the need traditional treatment method of a surgery below the neck.
They were suffering from tumours in the thyroid gland. This intervention was performed by a medical staff from the Royal Hospital headed by Dr Riyad Ahmed, Consultant of Endocrinology and Endoscopic Surgery, in collaboration with anesthesiologists and nursing staff.
Dr Ahmed said, “This technique was performed for the first time by doctors from Thailand and then followed by rare attempts by specialized centres around the world, owing to lack of medical personnel to do such specialized therapeutic procedure.
Dr Ahmed said that there are many advantages to this intervention, most notably avoid invasive procedure across the neck area, limited side complications compared to plastic surgery, and his return to practice normal activities two days after the surgery. It also ensures the short duration of patient’s stay in the hospital.

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