A Royal gesture to Omani youth

Every nation all over the world believes in youth as the building blocks of its national development process.
Youth are the future potential and heroes who will be taking over from their elders to build their countries.
This segment of the society should be accorded special attention to prepare them so that they can handle the responsibility when the time comes.
All what they need is a little trust and empowerment so they could play their role efficiently later on.
Governments should invest in youth and utilise them in the right direction.
Importantly, youth need empowerment more than anything else in addition of giving them the opportunities to prove themselves of course.
Always they need to feel the value of their capabilities as they shall be involved in all walks of life.
As His Majesty Sultan Qaboos is always stressing that the development of those resources is the cornerstone of the development process in any society because they are the ultimate goal of the development and nation-building.
His Majesty said: “As long as society succeeds in raising, developing, qualifying, training, enhancing skills and diversifying the experience of its human resources, success is guarantee in building a modern state with progress in all aspects of life.” Involving youth is always an advantage that shouldn’t be ignored.
Youth always look forward to get the opportunity to play their role and contribute in giving back to their country.
Reflecting on His Majesty’s wise vision, honour and care for the youth at all levels, he had his Royal orders to designate the day, October 26, as the Omani Youth Day.
It’s a great honour to all Omani youth for having a dedicated day in the annual calendar on which the National Youth Commission (NYC) rewards a group of distinguished and outstanding Omani youth for their achievements and contributions in different fields.
The commission believes that the Omani Youth Day is an opportunity to identify the aspirations of the Omani youth.
Also it marks the time to recognise the sincere efforts made in this vital sector, and to familiarise the policy-makers with the aspirations and contributions of the youths in the country.
Hence the Royal gesture of His Majesty proves his personal respect and sense of care for the youth.
It also highlights the deep belief and the main role the youth play in building Oman’s present and its bright future.
Accordingly, you see youth are very involved in many aspects and they have remarkably contributed and supported in many organisations and businesses.
As they have proved themselves, many Omani youth have been assigned great responsibilities and appointed in leading positions in both government and private sector establishments.
It’s really thrilling to witness the change in the perception of officials and people in charge on Omani youth.
They have placed their confidence and reliance on youth whom in return proved they are more reliable to shoulder the responsibility.
Perhaps youth have proved that they are even more professional and experienced than the elder ones.
I believe it’s all about giving youth more opportunities and allow them to play their role and take part in the overall nation-building process.
When their contribution is valued, this will be obviously reflected in their productivity in whatever they do; hence they become more devoted to serve their country.
Therefore, here comes the responsibility of the National Youth Commission to identify all possible opportunities where Omani youth can be involved and their expertise can be invested.
Other authorities concerned should also take part in empowering youth and getting them onboard.

Abdulaziz Al Jahdhami