Royal Court Affairs wins gold at apicultural congress

Istanbul: Royal Court Affairs represented in the Royal Gardens and Farms has accomplished a new and honourable achievement in winning the gold medal through its production of Al Atm Honey, as the best honey in terms of quality and physical and chemical specifications.
This comes after its participation in the Apimondia International Apicultural Congress, in the Turkish City of Istanbul, from September 27 to October 4, with a wide international participation of more than 700 participants at the level of individuals and companies from around the world.
Hilal bin Mohammed bin Humaid al Waeli, Director General of Royal Gardens and Farms said: “We are pleased to express our happiness after accomplishing this achievement, which is the pride of all and in recognition of the international achievements of the Sultanate and one of the most important achievements added to the gardens at the external level after a series of previous achievements.
This participation is the third after receiving the first prize through the production of Al Sumur Honey in the 80th British Honey Festival in 2011.
It is worth noting that the Apimondia marks this year its 120th anniversary.
It is the largest bee honey event, held biennially in one of the countries of the world, where the organization to examine the quality of honey of all beekeepers, individual or companies producing honey bees. — ONA