Royal Cavalry wraps up participation at Royal Windsor Horse Show

Muscat: Under the auspices of Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain and North Ireland and Head of Commonwealth, the Royal Cavalry’s music department and sections of traditional horse sports and equestrian skills concluded their participation at Royal Windsor Horse Show which was held in London. The show, which marks 200th anniversary of the birth of Queen Victoria, ran from 9th to 12th May 2019.

12 Shows
Windsor Horse Show included 12 displays: 1- The Pony Club and Shetland Pony Grand National, 2- Music Hall- Part Tow, 3- The Hungarian Csikos, 4-The Kelaghayi and The Karabakh Horses of Azerbaijan, 5- The Balmoral Quadrille, 6-The Dubai Mounted Police Activity Ride and Musical Pipe Band, 7- Gilbert and Sullivan, 8- Charge of the Light Brigade: The Household Cavalry Mounted Ride, 9- The Household Cavalry Musical Ride, 10- The Royal Cavalry of Oman and Mounted Band, 11- Dickensian London and 12- The King’s Top Royal Horse Artillery Musical Drive. 400 horses displayed in the Show together with 30 coaches and 500 people of riders, musicians, artists and dancers.

Royal Cavalry’s Displays
The Royal Cavalry performed daily displays from 9th to 12th May 2019 at evenings and performed two displays at afternoon. Its displays were admired by spectators who interacted joyfully with the riders.

The final display by the Royal Cavalry started by entering two music coaches from the first gate and moved around the arena. The Royal Cavalry’s mounted band played music piece of Bashaer Al Khair. Then the second dismounted band entered the arena from the second gate and played Lisqra pierce in the middle of the arena in front of the Royal Box. After that riders of equestrian skills entered the arena from the third gate and moved around the arena followed by riders of traditional horse sports. And then musicians played Nakhal Fort pierce and riders displayed Tohoreeb and horse lying down shows accompanied by music of Falaj Daris and then riders saluted her majesty Queen Elizabeth II amid spectators’ applaud.