Rowing woos people to Wadi Dayqah Dam

MUSCAT, NOV 6 – Wadi Dayqah Dam is not only a source of irrigation and protection for the surrounding villages, but also is a major tourist attraction. To woo more visitors to this picturesque dam site, which is in the Wilayat of Qurayat, rowing was introduced at the dam site recently. Different types of boats are used for rowing including single, double, triple, quad and octuple scull. Opened in 2012, the dam is one of the largest in the Arabian Peninsula.

It was built with an aim to collect the periodic rain fall from the high peaks above and control the volume of water flowing through the narrow torrent, ‘dayqah’, to the villages nearby. The dam now saves approximately 35 million cubic metres of water annually. According to the Ministry of Tourism, Wadi Dayqah is a tourist attraction, being one of the easy-to-reach wadis, about 90 kilometres from Wadi Adai in Muscat. “While it still maintains the ancient Aflaj irrigation system, the dam controls the surges of water rolling off the hillside. The dam is quite a spectacle for Oman and is by far the highest in the country.

The lake is eight kilometres long and can hold 100 million cubic metres of rainwater,” the ministry said in a note. Visitors can not only enjoy seeing the dam, thanks to its waterfalls during the rains, they can also enjoy the wide lush green areas.
During the recent rains due to cyclone Kyaar, the dam was full and water was released through the canal from Mazara to Alhil.

Mariam al Sinani