ROP to intensify patrol during Eid holidays

The Royal Oman Police (ROP) will enhance the police presence and patrols during Eid al Adha holidays to ensure public safety in crowded places such as mosques, parks and residential neighbourhoods.
It has warned people against indulging in drifting of vehicles that will endanger the safety of road users. Police will impose strict measures to deter such acts and punishments will include imprisonment and the offender will not be released until brought to court.
It warned against speeding and urged motorists and travellers to follow the saying ‘better to be late than never arrive’. Speeding affects the ability of the driver to assess road conditions.
Some vehicle users often indulge in racing on public roads, leading to fatal accidents. Action will be taken for violation of the Article (50/1) of the Traffic Law, which punishes the offender for imprisonment for up to one year and a fine of up to RO 5,000 or one of these penalties.
ROP also urged families visiting beaches to supervise children and avoid drowning accidents.
It urged people to avoid firing bullets as part of the Eid celebrations, regardless of whether it is a licensed or unlicensed weapon. Apart from causing deaths, it may lead to material damages.
The Article (25) of the Arms and Ammunition Law and its executive regulations stipulates a penalty of a fine not exceeding RO 200 for anyone who fired shots other than during distress.
If the act is committed during a ceremony, the penalty shall be imprisonment of not more than three months or a fine not exceeding RO 300.