ROP reveals fees for tourist and expat related visas in Oman

Royal Oman Police on Sunday announced certain changes to the Foreigners Residency Law, following which the new fees for visas offered to tourists and expatriates (work and family/relatives joining ) were released.

The charges are as follows:

  1. Scientific Research Visa :   Ro50
  2. Sailors transit visa:    Ro50
  3. Investor Visa: RO50
  4. Family visa: RO30
  5. Study visa: RO30
  6. Work visa: RO20
  7. One-month tourism visa : RO20
  8. One-year tourism visa; RO50
  9. Friends and relatives visit visa: RO20
  10. Express visa: RO30
  11. Contract work visa: RO20
  12. Technical team visa: RO20
  13. Transit visa (land/air): RO5
  14. Bus and truck drivers visas: RO20
  15. Temporary work visa: RO20
  16. Emergency visa: RO15
  17. Work visa renewal: 20















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