ROP gets tough on unlicensed bike riders

By Vinod Nair — MUSCAT: April 16 – Royal Oman Police’s (ROP) traffic department has urged parents not to allow their children drive unlicensed motorcycles as they pose serious risks to their safety as well of other road users.
The ROP said that the use of unlicensed bikes is illegal and vehicle will not be returned to the owner if seized.
The traffic law defines a motorcycle as a two-wheel, three-wheel or four-wheel vehicle operated by an internal combustion engine, which is not licensed by the competent authorities as they do not meet safety requirements.
The motorcycles (below 70cc) too do not meet the safety guidelines stipulated in the traffic law.
Penalties include that the vehicle will be seized in the event of a first time offence.
If the offence is repeated, the case will be referred to the court under Article 49 of the Traffic Law, which will include a fine not exceeding RO 500. Article 15 (b) also prohibits riding bicycles with a capacity of less than 70cc or the import of this type of bicycle and three-wheeled vehicles (meant for the transport of passengers) without the permission of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the ROP.
The traffic department said that there are groups of teenagers and youngsters who use these vehicles dangerously on the streets, beaches and populated areas and harass other users. It is also found that the motorbike users are vulnerable to head injuries or severe injuries, disability or death as they do not to use protective helmets.
ROP said the trend of using unlicensed vehicles is due to lack of awareness and also because children do not know how to use their free time.
The police has been conducting campaigns to encourage young people abide by the law and make them aware of the dangers of riding unlicensed bikes.
ROP want parents not to buy such bikes and even if they desire, it should be customised for use only in the designated areas.