Rome mayor wants to ban diesel cars from city centre from 2024

Rome: Diesel-engined cars will no longer be allowed into the centre of Rome starting from 2024, mayor Virginia Raggi (pictured) said on Tuesday. “We have to act quickly” against climate change, Raggi wrote on Facebook, in a message that publicised her previous day’s speech at a conference in Mexico City.
“I announced that, starting from 2024, the use of diesel cars will be banned in Rome city centre. If we want to act seriously, we must have the courage to take tough measures,” she added. Raggi, who hails from the anti-establishment Five Star Movement, is taking a cue from Paris’ Socialist Mayor Anne Hidalgo, who last year set the same 2024 deadline for getting rid of diesel cars.
Environmental group Greenpeace has been lobbying for such measures,claiming in November that nitrogen dioxide emissions from diesel cars are responsible for more than 17,000 premature deaths in Italy alone. — dpa