Role of tech in knowledge economy discussed

MUSCAT: The Education and Research Committee of the State Council on Tuesday held its fifth meeting of the third annual session chaired by Abdullah bin Mubarak al Shanfari, Head of the Committee, in the presence of members of the committee. The meeting hosted Dr Wajiha Thabit al Ani, Professor in the Department of Educational and Management, of the Faculty of Education, Sultan Qaboos University, Sheikha bint Nasser al Akhzamiyah, Director of Innovation Affairs at SQU. Qais bin Rashid al Toobi, Director of Edlal e-learning platform, and Haitham al Toobi from Edlal e-learning platform to discuss the committee’s study themed ‘The role of education in supporting the knowledge-based economy’.
The committee discussed issues related to the development of the education system to support the knowledge-based economy through education legislation, the complementarity features between the education strategy, the scientific research strategy and the national strategy for innovation and the development of various aspects of the educational system.
The committee addressed the role of technology and human resources and in knowledge creation by strengthening the capacity of the educational cadre, the optimum utilisation of the student’s skills and awareness of the importance of technology in knowledge creation.
The committee highlighted the need to promote investment in education by building a partnership with the private sector in knowledge creation, creating the necessary environment for the realisation of the principle of investment in education, and awareness of the capacities and skills of graduates.
Community awareness and partnership comes by sensitising society to the importance of knowledge-based economy by collaborating with society, activating the role of civil society and various initiatives in the areas of cognitive development and knowledge production.
Dr Wajiha made a visual presentation on the development of the education system to support the Omani knowledge economy. It detailed the principles and objectives, Ninth Five-Year Plan of the Sultanate; and directions of the Education Council for accelerated technological development and the impact of globalisation. It also touched on the changes in labour market requirements. The presentation mentioned global trends in scientific research and innovation, and harmonising educational output and labour market.
It dealt with features of good citizenship, promotion of national development and management of human resources based on knowledge-based economy. During the visual presentation, Al Ani stated that the concept of national economy would be soon replaced by the cross-border knowledge economy and shift from a large corporate economy to small enterprise-based economy.