Roads throw up surprises every day

By Abdulaziz Al Jahdhami — Nowadays nobody can escape the traffic mess in the city. Perhaps it’s not here in Muscat, but it’s there on other main roads leading to interior parts of the country. It’s becoming a nightmare chasing motorists every day and night.
With the increasing number of vehicles every day, traffic is getting worse, creating more stress, especially for those commuting to work.
Traffic is not only becoming a pain in the neck, but also a daily headache for everyone. Despite being experienced on the road, it is a headache as roads are full of vehicles, with bumper-to-bumper traffic almost any time of the day.
Earlier traffic used to be high during rush hours, especially mornings when people headed to offices, or late afternoons when they would return home. These days, traffic will delay you whenever you go out.
If you are planning a 10-minute trip in the city, it is just impossible these days.
Possibly your trip will be stretched by an extra 10-20 minutes due to the traffic which consumes much of your time and effort.
Therefore, we have to plan our trips differently to avoid delays in our appointments. Additionally, we might have to take into account more ‘surprises on the road’, ‘unexpected incidents’ or circumstances that might happen on the way.
Such incidents happen every day and everywhere. There is not much one can do to escape traffic. If you don’t get trapped in the morning traffic, you definitely will, in the afternoon or the evening.
Regardless of the time you go out, you struggle in the traffic and get stressed out. Whatever attempt you make to get away from traffic, it doesn’t work. All your ways are ‘jammed or blocked’ by traffic.
Poor guys struggle in the traffic every day on their way to office or on their way back home. The only solution that might work is to leave home early so they can avoid the rush hour.
At least it saves them some time, makes driving stress-free and helps them reach office early. But leaving home earlier than others might not be possible every day. It can be exhausting to reach office an hour or so early every day.
It’s frustrating not only because of the bumper-to-bumper traffic, but also due to the ill-mannered behaviour of some motorists who show no respect to other drivers. Their actions on the road are annoying.
Their behaviour is “unpleasant and disrespectful even when other drivers are stuck in the traffic. Some overtake cars from the shoulders of the road, pretending they are in a hurry.
It’s unbelievable how some people show disrespect to other drivers and disregard traffic rules. They drive recklessly when others are struggling to get out of the traffic mess.
Many motorists try to race on the road, which is unacceptable.
Hopefully a more effective public transport system will come to the rescue of the people. It’s an urgent need.