Road barriers mooted to prevent accidents

With an increase in the number of accidents in the Ruwi area, many residents have suggested barriers on the roadside as a precautionary measure.
A municipal council member recently mooted on social media the idea of having barriers from Hamriya roundabout to Ruwi roundabout to prevent people from crossing the road.
The matter was also widely discussed by the public.
A reliable source said the idea of having concrete barriers had been raised by the Municipal Council earlier.
“A joint committee from the Muscat Municipality and the Royal Oman Police (ROP) discussed the issue,” said the source, adding the project was not executed due to technical and financial reasons.
An ROP source said: “ROP has been always cautious about this matter. We usually call upon the public to cross the road from a designated area to ensure safety of everyone.”
He said it was fine to walk a little longer to find the road crossing instead of risking life.
ROP plans to launch a campaign to raise awareness in this matter. “ROP plans to bring out booklets on road-crossing for the public soon. They are part of the campaign that will target both citizens as well as expatriates,” said the ROP source.

Fahad al Ghadani