RO 405m loans granted by ODB from 2009 till June

MUSCAT: The number of development loans provided by Oman Development Bank (ODB) from 2009 to June 2018 for many economic activities reached 43,936 loans, which was worth RO 405,384,249. The loans were granted as part of the bank’s efforts to support economic and social development in the Sultanate; to finance the national investments in high value-added production and service sectors; to achieve self-sufficiency of products, goods, and services; and accommodate national cadres in many professions and trades.
ODB statistics show that the number of loans granted to the agriculture and livestock sector reached 9,840 which was worth RO 57,506,426.
In the fisheries sector, the number of loans granted by the bank from 2009 to mid-2018 was 17,894, which was worth RO 68,690,868.
The number of loans granted by the bank for educational services reached 744 projects, worth RO 22,746,850. The number of loans provided for the health services sector amounted to 263 projects, worth RO 10,776,778.
In the tourism services sector, the number of tourism projects funded by ODB reached 570, which was worth RO 51,087,928.
The total number of projects financed by the bank for professional services reached 4,212 projects, worth RO 33,298,469.
In the industry sector, as many as 10,396 projects, worth RO 157,230,930, were financed by the bank.
In the mining sector, 17 projects, worth RO 4,046,000, were financed by the bank.