RO 100 fine for dumping waste at beaches, parks

Muscat Municipality has urged citizens and residents to keep beaches and parks clean for visitors. In a statement, the municipality added that anyone disposes waste in non-designated places will be fined RO 100, and the offender will be given one-day time to clear up the waste to designated places, and in case of repetition of the act fine will be doubled.
Apart from intensifying awareness among the community about the dangers posed by dumping of waste at unauthorised places in an unscientific manner, Muscat Municipality said it plans to intensify supervision of contractors involved in the process.
An administrative decision (No 55/2017) of the municipality also defines the penalties for some of the violations, said the civic authority.
It said the residues from household waste, construction waste, and other waste accumulated in residential neighbourhoods and wadis pose a threat to environment and public safety. The food waste left behind in parks can lead to proliferation of insects, rodents and stray animals.
At the same time, the civic authority has taken steps to increase the number of garbage containers.
Earlier, the municipality has warned of a crackdown on littering in the city.
“There is a law to strictly deal with littering or any other form of dirtying the city. There will not be any more leniency on violators,” said an official.
He said the inspectors from the civic authority have intensified efforts to clamp down on littering
or cluttering garbage in the open areas of the city.
“There will also be checking on campers and visitors who throw trash in valleys, parks and other beauty spots during holidays. Offenders will be slapped with fines,” he said.