Rising Stars, ISM Rockers win

Muscat: Rising Stars beat Agile XI by 17 runs in the Friendi Mobile Summer Cricket Cup at the Ghubra Power Plant Ground on April 27th.
In the women’s section, ISM Rockers defeated ISWK Juniors.
Men’s Category:
Match 1: Rising Stars (66/7) bt Agile XI (49/6). Man of the match: Ajay (Rising Stars)
Match 2: Al Sahwa School (64/4) lt to Bisya Lions (65/0). Man of the match: Bandy (Bisya Lions)
Match 3: Klair XI (108/6) bt Royal Challengers (102/6). Man of the match: Salman (Klair XI)
Match 4: Michael XI (127/6) bt Smile Strikers: 51 all out. Man of the match: Clive (Michael XI)
Match 5: Asfandyar XI (143/1) bt DGEC: (70/9). Man of the match: Mani Butt (Asfandyar XI)
Match 6: United Mangalore Fighters: 94/6: lt to Asad XI: 98/6. Man of the match: Mittu (Asad XI)
Match 7: Muscat Steel (100/9) bt HCC: 87 all out. Man of the match: Dixit (Muscat Steel).
Women’s Category:
Match 1: ISM Rockers (88 for no loss) bt ISWK Juniors (38/1). Woman of the match: Kashish (ISM Rockers).
Match 2: ISM Rockers (91/1) bt Waljat Vipers (32 for no loss). Woman of the match: Amanda (ISM Rockers)
Match 3: Indian School Sohar (84/1) bt ISWK Seniors: 42/1. Woman of the match: Sakshi (IS-Sohar)
Match 4: ISWK Juniors (45/3) bt Waljat Vipers: 31/2. Woman of the match: Dhruti (ISWK Juniors)
Match 5: Indian School Sohar (61/3) bt ISG Avengers (47/0). Woman of the match: Sakshi (IS-Sohar)
Match 6: ISWK Seniors (42/0) lt to ISG Avengers (43/0). Woman of the match: Priyanka (ISG Avengers)