RHRC race at Al Rahba Racecourse on April 7

MUSCAT: The Royal Horse Racing Club will organise the final race for the 13th horse racing season of 2017-2018 at Al Rahba Racecourse on Saturday, April 7.
Dr Abdullah bin Mohammed al Saeedi, Minister of Legal Affairs, will be the chief guest.
Top pure Arabians and thoroughbreds who secured best results in the season’s races will compete in the race, ridden by ambitious jockeys who are eager to crown their training and preparations. Four races will be for pure Arabians and one for thoroughbreds.
The fourth race will be for Fegentri Lady Riders’ cup, with participation of riders from Oman, France, Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, Switzerland and Hungary.
Equestrian shows performed by Royal Cavalry’s riders will be in a way mingling traditions and modernity.
The races will be as follows:
1st race: Salalah Port for pure Arabians — 2,000 m (competing for locally-bred and imported pure Arabians’ cup )
2nd race: Sohar Port for thoroughbreds — 2,000 m (competing for thoroughbreds’ cup)
3rd race: Al Duqm Port for pure Arabians — 2,000 m (competing for imported pure Arabians’ cup)
4th race: Khasab Port for pure Arabians — 1,600 m (competing for Fegentri Lady Riders’ cup)
5th race: Sultan Qaboos Port for pure Arabians — 1,600 m (competing for locally-bred pure Arabians’ cup)