Resurgent Oman celebrates Renaissance Day

It’s being 48 long years since the dawn of a new Renaissance. Citizens and expatriate residents wake up to bright mornings every day in this peaceful land.
This provides them with the resurgence and vitality to build the country from wherever they are and to augment their source of income.
The citizens appreciate the country’s wise leadership who brought the Sultanate out of the darkness.
Thanks to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, who announced in his first speech about taking responsibility for the country and to make Oman a modern country.
Since His Majesty’s accession to the throne on July 23, 1970, Omanis are working hard towards their own businesses or otherwise to contribute to the nation building process.
Contemporaries, who lived around the period when Renaissance began, remember when His Majesty who called upon Omani people who worked abroad to return back and contribute to building their beloved country.
In the brightness of early morning when both Omanis and residents begin their day, they know that the country is a peaceful and a secure one because His Majesty paid much attention to the country’s security.
Whenever Omanis travel abroad, people appreciate Oman’s foreign policy. They have called the Sultanate as an ‘oasis of peace’ since Oman does not interfere in the internal affairs of others.
Furthermore, the Sultanate has turned to play the role as a peace broker and the Sultanate’s decision remains neutral. Thanks again to the wisdom of the leadership.
The Sultanate is a peaceful country which promotes tolerance to all religions and we see arrival of tourists from various countries around the world to witness Sultanate’s heritage and history. This indicates that the citizens fought hard in the past to defend this beautiful land.
Over the years we also have seen the rapid advancement of the country’s infrastructure and opening up of several sectors and being termed as a developed country.
Further, the Sultanate supports its human resources who are considered the backbone of any nation’s development.
The prosperity of the country derives from the wise leadership and the support of its citizens who toil hard to build the country.
May Allah help the wise leadership and the country of Oman to greater heights.
I pray all Omanis live in this peaceful country in the years to come and wishing them the best on the occasion of Renaissance Day.

Bader al Kiyumi