Restoration work begins in Dhofar

SALALAH: The Dhofar Municipality has taken up the task of restoration work in the areas which are badly affected by the rain caused by the tropical low pressure.

Dr Ahmed bin Mohsen al Ghassani, Chairman of Dhofar Municipality, took stock of the situation after holding a meeting with the municipality officials. He assured restoration of normal life as early as possible, as the machineries were in place to clear the debris from the main roads and waterlogging from the residential areas.

Some roads which are badly damaged and not fit for commuters are being monitored by the Royal Oman Police (ROP), which is making all possible efforts to block these roads. Simultaneously efforts are on to make them functional as early as possible.

Saeed bin Muhammad Tabuk, Director General of the Directorate of Roads and Land Transport in Dhofar Governorate, confirmed that all roads linking Salalah with other states are clear with the exception of the Al Mazyouna road, which is currently broken due to the flow of the wadis.

“We will re-open the road, as well as the non-valley road leading to Zayk. In the event of any interruption, we will reopen it,” he said and pointed out that the teams of the General Directorate of Roads and Land Transport in the Dhofar Governorate are present with equipment and machinery in at all affected areas to remove the obstacles.

There is no major interruption on the main roads connecting wilayats of the governorate, but some temporary interruptions are there due to the wadis. Saeed Tabuk confirmed that there has been no interruption on Salalah-Rakhyut-Dhalkut Salik road, as well as the road linking Salalah, of Taqah, Mirbat, Sadah, and Shuwaima-Salik, as well as Salalah – Thumrait – Muscat roads. Just as the Maamoura tunnel was submerged, it has been cleared.