Residents abroad will be subject to isolation on return

Muscat: A mechanism has been set in coordination with relevant authorities for the return of residents who are currently abroad and have families here, said Dr. Ahmed al Saeedi, Minister of Health, member of the Supreme Committee the Minister of Health.
He added the residents will able to come with the opening of the airports must commit to isolation upon arrival.
“Air traffic is currently limited, and the committee will consider the possibility of returning the remaining citizens who would like to return from abroad.”
The minister said a team has been commissioned by the supreme committee to prepare a project on coping with the new situation, including changes in lifestyle and daily practices in normal lives.”
New practices are important as we ease lockdown because it will take a long time to develop a vaccine, given the importance of ensuring its safety, effectiveness, and side effects.
Each country takes its actions depending on the situation, actions cannot be compared between the countries.