Reset Yourself!

On a typical weekend, citizens and residents along with visitors have a gamut of activities to indulge in and around Muscat. Apart from visiting friends or relatives and running errands, there are some really rejuvenating recreational as well as high-octane activities that one can indulge in on a weekend.
Let alone checking in a hotel or trying out the themed gastronomic delights or visiting the beaches and parks, feeling the pulse of local history from a plethora of museums, driving to the local destinations and learning about the forts and castles that once were a part of the society, there is something more to Muscat weekends.
Getting accustomed to a different activity away from the routine, trying out a different path from the mundane chores of life would be a highly rejuvenating to both mind and physique enabling you to face the week ahead on a positive note. Here are some of them:

Indulge yourself in an adventure trekking along the rugged terrains overlooking Muttrah Sea Road, walking along the oldest pipeline that once catered to the visiting ships at the shores of Muscat will be a totally different experience to young you.
If you opt for Sidab mountains, what is awaiting you is an adrenaline-pumping view of the vast sea from a height, after trekking for some 200 metres.

Wake up on Friday morning before the sun and get into the sports mode, rush to the Kalbu park right next to Riyam Park. One will be taken by surprise to see those people who think alike and said goodbye to the blanket and the chilling air- conditioner for a rejuvenating morning dip in the serene sea. There are qualified coaches to help you conquer the subtly moving waves and take the first lessons of swimming if you are a beginner.
It happens on Fridays and Saturdays from 6 am to 9 am and the lost sleep will not be a bother for having justified to yourself. It is a brainchild of Dr R K Sanghavi, who has been living here for nearly four decades and has a commendable track of swimming and training the beginners.
The team which currently has approximately 300+ members focuses on long open swims which is a very good cardio fitness exercise.
“Swimming improves the health of your lungs and also gives exercise to most of the muscles without straining any joints”, said Dr Sanghavi, a man who vows upon swimming.
“Advantage of open water swimming is that you can see and enjoy marine life as well during the swim. Trying out your swimming lessons with a group of like minded people helps to build the friends circle. We can also enjoy nature
and have an awareness about marine life. It is very good for children especially,” he said.

Nothing like a brisk walk to help you boost your immunes and regain that lost energy. Be prepared from Thursday evening, Friday morning and evening for a group walk where you will not be amazed at the distance covered and embrace a totally new oneself as you tend to shed those extra calories that have been a matter of concern for many among us. These group runnings and walkings happen in many parts of Muscat starting from 2 to 3 kms to 15 to 20 kms.

Running everyday for a few minutes for beginners certainly has some health benefits. Your system in totality is energised contributing to your cardio muscular functioning. However, calculating the distance to be covered purely depends upon one’s stamina and one can increase the distance covered over a period of time. Likewise, how long and what duration one should run in a week is based on your goals and physical fitness levels. ISC KTM Runners will help you schedule the days for cross-training and strength training in a group.
It happens on Thursdays and Fridays evening and running starts from the Mumtaz Mahal car park by ISC KTM Runners and Friday morning run is conducted by Muscat Road Runners which starts from the car park near Costa, next to the Intercontinental Hotel in Shatti al Qurum.

Capitalising on the increased acceptability of cycling, a group of enthusiasts have joined forces for a nerve-wracking session of cycling. They advocate the health benefits of regular cycling, which are aplenty and include increased cardiovascular fitness, besides toning your muscles and gifting you with better flexibility and improved joint mobility. You will feel your stress levels dipping while posture and coordination improved, bones strengthened and body fat levels zeroing and a number of diseases being kept at a bay. So, pull your socks up and use your weekend to unwind and re-energize for the week ahead.