Regional nutrition strategy launched

The four-day World Health Organization (WHO) Global Meeting on Non-communicable Diseases and Mental Health, organised by the WHO with the support from the Ministry of Health and the Gulf Health Council, concluded on Thursday.
The meeting is the first global meeting on NCDs since the 2018 UN High-Level Declaration on Non-communicable Diseases and the 2019 UN High-Level Declaration on Universal Health Care.
Oman was selected to host this global event for its successful collaboration with WHO on addressing NCDs milestones, providing a showcase to empower diverse global health stakeholders and thereby accelerate the implementation of national responses to NCDs and mental health conditions. The event gathered representatives from over 150 Member States of the World Health Organization (WHO) across the globe from public health and other sectors.
Throughout its four-days, a series of exciting and interactive plenary and panel discussions were conducted while numerous new initiatives to prevent and control NCDs were launched.
On Thursday a meeting on nutrition was convened to help countries meet global nutrition-related targets, achieve food security, end all forms of malnutrition and improve nutrition throughout the life course by 2030.
On the sidelines of the meeting, the WHO launched a regional nutrition strategy to strengthen efforts to ensure universal access to healthy and sustainable diets and implement effective nutrition actions, in order to improve nutrition throughout the life course, including for mothers, infants, children, adolescents and older people; prevent undernutrition, overweight, obesity and diet related NCDs; and support and protect nutrition in emergency situations.