Regional Municipalities holds summer programme for staff children

MUSCAT: The 10th summer gathering, organised by the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources for the children of its employees, was launched.
The programme will be held from July 9 to 27 under the slogan “Develop the generation to bloom our nation”, in order to provide the children with useful life skills and enhance their abilities. In addition, the programme will also introduce them with the efforts exerted by municipalities and services they provide in their municipal and water sectors.
The summer gathering includes a number of diverse and purposeful scientific and practical programmes such as innovative thinking programmes, which aims to introduce the children to the concept of innovation, its importance and types. Additionally, it aims to train them on the scamper to generate ideas and the design some innovative projects.
The gathering also includes electronic programmes and games to acquaint children with the concept of problem solving and the ways of forming creative teams.
While Entrepreneurship Programme in Renewable Energy aims to introduce and train students on entrepreneurship and develop the spirit of their creativity and encourage their talents and abilities to establish their own businesses.
The gathering also includes organising recreational and educational trips through which a number of tourist and archaeological sites will be visited, including the National Museum, in order to acquaint the participants with the most famous landmarks in the Sultanate.