Reconfirm your repatriation willingness: Indian embassy

Muscat: The Indian Embassy in Oman has urged all those who have registered for repatriation, to resend their information and reconfirm travel willingness.

This is applicable to Indian citizens who have registered to travel under Phase 4 of the Vande Bharat Mission. However, priority will be given to people with medical emergency, pregnant women, workers in distress, senior citizens, etc.

Accordingly, Indian nationals registered with the embassy who wish to travel to India, should send information using the following link :

The form is seeking the person’s repatriation registration with the embassy along with his preference to travel on flights scheduled under Vande Bharat Mission – Phase 4.

Once he confirms, the embassy will try and accommodate the passenger in the selected flight or subsequent available flights, provided all other conditions by the Government of India (GOI), particularly with regards to domicile is met by the passenger.

Only one individual can use one form, and separate forms for each member needs to be filled.

There are 16 flights scheduled under VBM-Phase 4:
1. 1 July 2020 Muscat Kannur
2. 1 July 2020 Muscat Trivandrum
3. 2 July 2020 Muscat Chennai
4. 3 July 2020 Muscat Kochi
5. 5 July 2020 Muscat Kozhikode
6. 5 July 2020 Muscat Trivandrum
7. 6 July 2020 Muscat Kochi
8. 8 July 2020 Muscat Kochi
9. 9 July 2020 Muscat Delhi
10. 10 July 2020 Muscat Kannur
11. 10 July 2020 Muscat Hyderabad
12. 11 July 2020 Muscat Mumbai
13. 12 July 2020 Muscat Kochi
14. 12 July 2020 Muscat Mangaluru
15. 13 July 2020 Muscat Kannur
16. 13 July 2020 Muscat Trivandrum

The passengers will have to pay for Air tickets and institutional quarantine. Cost of institutional quarantine and other details will be provided by the State Government after landing.

“All rules and regulations of Government of Oman on departure and Government of India’s on arrival need to be strictly followed, especially those related to COVID-19,” embassy officials have said.

The sources further confirmed that a total number of 82 flights have departed from Muscat and Salalah airports to different cities in India carrying 14,855 passengers.

“These services included 42 services under Vande Bharat Mission and 40 charter services by NGOs and corporates in the Sultanate,” the source added.