Recipe: The Sea & Foraged Wild Leaves

Championing Salalah, A Farewell to Khareef

Organic products taste far better
Conditions of the soil, weather, and how the ingredient is harvested and processed makes a huge difference in the final result that lands on the diner’s plate. Respecting the integrity of the ingredient also means limiting the number of ingredients in a dish to as few as possible. Fewer flavours confuse the palate less and preserve the respect for each to a greater extent. One of the characteristics of this style is to take each ingredient and respect its integrity as much as possible and have to be of the highest possible quality that can be acquired and within supporting local. Freshness is paramount. Food as living, organic matter contains good flavour based upon how life in the product is treated. The method that was used to raise the ingredient is also important. Best advice – use the finest, most outstanding ingredients one can find, prepare them to the utmost of one’s ability, and add items that will accentuate the flavour of the ingredients without imposing on the original flavour. This is found in abundance in Salalah.


50g Wild Cuttlefish
50g Local Prawns
25g In House Smoked Tuna
35g Basil & Mint
25g White Radish
45ml Coconut Water
15g Foraged Tomatoes
5g Fermented Garlic
7g Beetroot Leaves
7g Wild Rocca
1 Lemon Zest
3ml Salalah Smir Honey

*All ingredients are sourced from local farmers, apiarists & fishermen within a 15km radius from our resort

In a BBQ griller, place some wood and put on fire. After the wood is fully lit close the lid and leave it to smoke for 10 minutes until it cools to a 50 Celsius. Portion a clean portion of tuna (blood stains removed) and place in the griller smoking for 30min. Once done leave aside to cool.

Clean the cuttlefish from the inner bone, black ink bag and the outer purple skin, keeping the white flesh flat facing down on a kitchen towel.

Cook the tomatoes in a convection oven immersed in olive oil and garlic for 10 min at 110 Celsius.

Peel and devein the prawns.

In a smoothie blender, blend all the soft herbs and coconut water until a vibrant green liquid is obtained

Chop all the cuttlefish, radish, raw beetroot and tomatoes in dice of approx. 5mm by 5mm and mix all together with squeezed lemon juice, keeping the beetroot aside Assemble the dish as illustrated and glaze the beets with honey.  Using a blowtorch, cook the prawn slightly and finish off the dish with grated tuna and lemon zest

Chef Luke Borg
Executive Chef
Anantara Salalah

With over 18 years of experience, Luke is dedicated to instilling the highest standards in gourmet cuisine and will thus bring forth his passion for culinary excellence to Salalah.  Born and raised in Malta, Luke never ceased to pursue his passion for food. A master’s degree holder in Tourism, He completed his undergraduate studies in Gastronomic Studies at the University of Malta after previously attending St Julian’s Institute of Tourism studies at his home country.

Prior to his new post, Luke held the executive chef title for a number of international luxury chains across 5 different countries; these locations include Thailand, Guinea, Mozambique, Oman and Malta respectively.

Chef Luke began his career in the industry working as a restaurant apprentice before gradually working his way up to Chef De Partie at the Hilton-Malta. As the years progressed, he took on a new role as a Chef De Cuisine at The Arches Restaurant – Malta before he acceded to Executive Chef. A truly cosmopolitan career, Luke has also managed to work with all aspects of the food industry, including some 2-star Michelin restaurants as well. Luke has also achieved many accolades for the fine dining restaurants he had worked for throughout his journey. These include winning prestigious titles such as European chef of the year in 2014 – a competition involving over 400 participants from 21 European countries.


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